We’re a mission driven company

At Tabin, we believe there are better ways of taking orders in the hospitality industry, which are quicker, more efficient, and at the same time helping you provide more value to your customers. While you spend time on what you know best, making the most delicious food! We're obsessively passionate about helping you drive those sales in the most effective manner possible.

How it all begun

One day one of the co-founders of Tabin was standing in a line of a takeaway store, waiting for his food. He had been standing there for about 10 minutes and at that time magically had a realisation. "Why are we be waiting for so long just to order our food. Wouldn't it be cool to have a kiosk here, as the big food chains have got". That was the start of Tabin.

We then went to a few McDonalds, KFC and Burger King locations just to try out the kiosk there and see how good they were and how many people interacted with them. What we realised was that there was an even split between the number of people who went to the checkout and the number of people who used the Kiosk. We also noticed a lot more of the younger generation were using those kiosks. Which we thought was a good sign. We then asked ourselves how do we think takeaways will look 5 or even 10 years into the future? It was quite evident things were going to be quite automated.

With the minimum wage in NZ going up each year, it is just becoming harder and harder for restaurants to continue staying profitable. Restaurants will have to look for a way to cut down costs but at the same time increase their sales. This is where we believe kiosks come in. They can help restaurants achieve this, at like 15% of the price.

Our Culture

We think big

We take big and smart risks, and deliver on results that others only dream of.

We are futurists

We challenge the status quo when we believe we can do it better. We take certainty head-on, and come out better together for it.We take big and smart risks, and deliver on results that others only dream of.

We empower our teams

We believe in our teams and invest in our success; we work, celebrate and make an impact together. Flex, training and culture work in sync to make this happen.

We seek ownership

We don’t do excuses. We catch slips before they happen, together! Most of all, we own our tasks, our company, and our people.